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Most Frequently Asked Questions


Do I qualify for your payday loans?

To qualify for Cash King payday loans you must be over 18 years of age, in full time employment (not self-employed) earning more than £750 per month. You must have a UK bank account with debit card. You will also need to supply us with a landline telephone number (this can be a family number) and mobile. You must be resident in the UK.


How much do payday loans cost?

There are no administrative or set up costs. Most lenders will charge £25 for every £100 borrowed. You may want to compare these to going overdrawn in a bank. A recent study by Money Facts showed the costs of going overdrawn by just £100 for only 10 days could be up to £215 in charges. Click here for an example repayment table.


How confidential is your payday loans service?

100%. We do not contact your employer, but some lenders may carry out credit checks. You do not need to send faxes to us. Everything is done online. Payday loans with The Cash King are 100% confidential.


How do I repay my payday loan?

The loan company will use the debit card on your current account to take repayment of your payday loan.


Can I roll payday loans over to my next payday?

Yes, some lenders will allow this as long as you pay the interest due each month.


I have bad credit will this affect a payday loans application?

No. As with any loan application at Cash King we will look at your current financial performance to ensure you will have sufficient funds in your bank account on payday to cover your payday loans repayment, and meet your other financial commitments.